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My philosophy is simple:
Good, solid mechanics make a successful pitcher.

My goal is to teach each child the proper mechanics and pitching fundamentals needed to advance him to the highest level of his potential, may it be high school, college or professional baseball while giving him the best opportunity to stay injury free. Your child's safety is my number one priority!

With the proper mechanics, each student will be able to repeat his delivery allowing him to command both sides of the plate consistently using the five key steps to successful pitching: staying tall on the back side, balance, separation, direction and release point.

During my 14 year professional playing career, I learned from the best and beat the best.  Playing with some of the greatest pitchers in the game such as Dennis Eckersley, Ron Darling and Greg Maddux taught me how to get out big name hitters such as Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds. I have never been injured, never been on the DL for arm problems and never had a surgery!

Having one of the best change-ups in the game, I'll teach your child you don't need a 95 mph fastball to get hitters out.

Everything I teach has been evaluated and approved by professional trainers and doctors specializing in baseball.

With sons of my own, I realize how unique and special each child is...and I take care of each and every one of my clients as if they were my own!

Carlos Reyes

Kansas City Royals Rehab Coach

I'm in my 11th season coaching with the 2015 World Champion Royals, for a total of 28 years professional baseball experience.

​​...former MLB pitcher &

KC Royals Rehab Coach


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